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Cans By State

The Lights

  Another window into our past. This one takes us to the late 40's and 50's. The Big War was over. The boys were home. Many of them left the farms and went into the nearby cities. Employment-Excitement-Fun! The guys earned it. Their shift in the factory was over. On their way back to their apartments, there on the corner, was the "bar". They walk in and the first thing that captures their attention was "the lights', those beautiful lights. They pause for a moment staring. The bartender surprises them saying "So, what'll you have?"

  These are some of the survivors. Most were thrown away when their breweries closed and the bars no longer sold their swill. Others were broken unless someone had the good sense to set a few of these aside. They are real treasures for today's home collectors. I, myself,  favor the smaller size of the back bar cash register lights as a neat "go along" with the beer cans.

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