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Top Two Rows – Oregon     

Bohemian Club on the left is an 11 ounce can

 "Bo" Belongs - says so right on the can.


Cascade – twelve ounce on the left, eleven ounce on the right.

Bottom Two Rows – Washington   


The two yellow Heidelberg cans with the writing in red at bottom are both Book 2 cans.

Heidelberg "The Slow Brewed Beer"


The Dunkel Brau and the Western Style are both eleven ounce cans and both are rare.



 Henry Weinhard emigrated from Germany and started his brewing in Portland in 1856. It became the oldest continuously operating "Brewery in the West" until closing in 1999. Henry believed that life was better with a beer in one hand. His employee's enjoyed free beer and when Portland's landmark "Skidmore Fountain" was opened he offered to pipe his beer to it. He built an empire by purchasing failing saloons, bars, pubs, etc. so that the populace would have a safe place to enjoy good beer. Weinhard's stayed open during prohibition by producing sodas and cereal beverages but in 1928 they merged their operations with the Portland Brewing Company. Arnold Blitz owned Portland Brewing and new concern took the name Blitz-Weinhard. In 1979 Pabst bought out Henry Weinhard's great grandsons and after two more sales of the company the "Oldest Brewery in  the West" stopped brewing in August 1999.


"Better Buy Blitz"

Olympia "It's the Water"


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