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 It's a "Ballantine Blast" from the Past:


N.Y. Yankee announcer Mel Allen would call, "It's a Ballantine Blast" each time Mantle, Maris, Berra, Howard, etc, hit a home run at Yankee Stadium. It sold many a Beer and Ale.


Ballantine is the only brewery that made all five (Ale, Beer, Bock, Draft, and Malt Liquor) major products in twelve ounce self opening cans.

Their Ale was the best selling Ale in the Nation - their way of saying it:

"Ballantine ... Leads all Ales in Sales!"

"Ballantine ... Flavor that Chill can't Kill"



Question: Which two cans are not from New Jersey?

Top row can on the left is the Ballantine “Snakeskin” can. Four snakeskin cans were dumped in New Jersey circa 1990. This can was a yard sale find in the 1970’s. It is the USBC book can and the best condition known. The two middle cans on the top row have the silver stripe at the top and bottom of the can. They are from 1965, the Beer came out of an older collection of all Ballantine in 2012. It has never been pictured in any of the books and is probably unique. The companion Ale was purchased in 2011. It is pictured in the Test Can Section of USBC Book but I have no idea if this is the actual can photographed for the book. 


Answer: The Pink Draft can and the White Ale can are from Cranston, Rhode Island. The White Ale can is from a different collection split up in 2014 and is likely unique. Purity, Body, Flavor.  Look for the Three Ring Sign and ask for Ballantine.




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