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Question: In bygone days, the employees at the breweries loved “Shorties”. What were they and why the love?


Fourth can from left, top row, is the infamous “White Altes”. In June 2015 five flat sheets were found and rolled into cans bring the total cans known to approx. ten. The Draft is from National Brewing of Detroit. It is unique and has never been pictured in the books.  

The Schmidt’s is from the Ken White 1980 Garard Auction. The Schlitz Bock (aluminum) is from Detroit and is also unique.


Bosch Brewing Company (Houghton) on the western end of the upper peninsula restarted after Prohibition ended in 1933. Bosch Brewing and the Houghton community in Copper County (the can's primary color) had very close ties. The Bosch slogan was "A Sportsmans Paradise" "Hunting, Fishing, Camping".  Bosch's very last keg produced in 1973 was ceremoniously taken to the home town favorite, Schmidt's Corner Bar, where it is said that the locals were climbing all over each other to be sure to get their last glass of "Their Beer". Gilt Edge was their upscale Beer. Not being able to financially compete with the national brands, the Bosch labels were sold to Leinenkugels in 1973. The Bosch beer on the left is a tough to get Zip from a long ago, slower, quieter time.


Answer: The inspector in the bottling department, would set aside bottles that were “Short” in the product they should have held. Employees would drink the “Shorties” on their breaks.


Timeline - Brewing in Detroit after WWII


1947 Goebel purchases Koppitz - Melchar Brewing

1947 Tivoli Brewing purchases Aztec Brewing, San Diego California

1948 Tivoli rename itself Altes

1950 Goebel purchases Golden West (Oakland)

1951 E & B purchases Schmidt (Detroit)

1953 Altes/ Tivoli Brewing closes Aztec Brewing

1954 National Brewing Baltimore) buys Altes

1955 Goebel closes Oakland plant                        

1955 IBI (International Breweries Inc.) formed   ---------------------->  IBI Operations: 1955/1966

1958 Pfeiffer purchases Schmidt's (St. Paul MN)                                1955 Frankenmuth Brewing;Frankenmuth, Michigan

1962 Pfeiffer and E & B merge and form Associated brewing             1955 Iroquois Brewing; Buffalo, New York

1963 E & B plant closed                                                                       1955 Krantz Brewing; Findlay, Ohio

1964 Associated purchased Sterling (Evansville, IN)                           1956 Southern Brewing; Tampa, Florida

1964 Goelbel purchased by Stroh's                                                      1956 IBI sells Frankenmuth Brewing to Carling Brewing

1965 Associated purchased Drewerys (South Bend, IN)                      1957 Phoenix Brewing; Buffalo, New York

1966 Associated closes Peiffers Detroit plant                                       1959 Bavarian Brewing; Covington, Kentucky

1966 IBI declares bankruptcy                                                                1959 Phoenix Brewing Closed

1967 National (Altes/Tivoli) closed                                                        1963 Southern Brewing Closed

1972 Associated sells off all Breweries - Becomes Armada Corp.        1965 Iroquois Brewing goes independent - Operations

1981 Stroh gains control of Schaeffer (Piels) Brewing                                    Closed 1971

1982 Stroh gains control of Schlitz (Milwaukee)                                    1966 Bavarian Brewing Closed

1985 Stroh closes Detroit facility                                                            1966 Krantz Brewing Closed


Altes "The Best Beer in ALL-ways"

"If It's International, You Know It's Better Beer"


Strohs  "America's Only Fire Brewed Beer"


The Goebel Rooster was known as Brewster


Michigan 4

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