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Esslinger Party Quiz

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All cans produced at Philadelphia's Esslinger Brewery had exceptional eye appeal. The Little Man (Bellhop) Beer, Ale, and Bock cans are all highly coveted by today's collectors. Still, the brewery struggled to stay afloat. Genius struck in 1953 when they produced the first Parti-Quiz cans. They sold so fast that Esslinger's couldn't keep 


up with the demands. The distributors and bars sold them as soon as they got them. Bright, cheerfully colored cans with 8 rows of Fun Filled Facts separated by white stars - Point of Purchase advertising at it's finest.  


The cans were hot and people everywhere wanted them. The "Facts" on the cans made you smarter, sort of an earlier version of the game "Trivial Pursuit".


                                                                             Here is a small sample from a single can:

                                                                             1. Peach Blossom Delaware State Flower

                                                                            2. New York Nation's 1st Capital

                                                                            3. Whigs called Andrew Jackson "King Andrew"

                                                                            4. Transcontinental Walking Record 3160 Miles in 73 Days

                                                                            You want to know more; get the cans!

The last and best looking set of cans made in Philadelphia were tri-colored self-opening cans produced in late 1963. Jacob Ruppert (New York) acquired the rights to the label, removed the word "Philadelphia" at the bottom of the can and produced two more sets into 1964. The novelty of the cans ceased and the fun and memories of them slowly and sadly faded into the past.

The three silver cans in the top row are Flat Tops. All other cans are zips.

The very center can on the top row is one of only five cans known to have Red Stars).


"Salute" to possibly the finest set of cans ever made




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