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Chicago #2


   Before Fritz Gettleman (see Wisconsin 1) developed the Steel Keg, craftsmen called "Coopers" made Kegs out of wood. Oak was most often used because its tight grain structure reduced the loss of product.


1. If a brand new Oak Keg weighted 90 pounds, it would weigh 93 pounds after being filled and returned for the first time. This absorption that remained in the wood was called the "Devils Cut".


2. Still the "Devil's Cut" only explained a portion of the loss of product. Some went all the way thru the Keg. This evaporation was called the "Angel's Share". I guess it didn't hurt to have friends in both places.


The Meister Brau Reserve and the Old Chicago Bock (not the mylar wrapped can), are from the 2012 Grenke/Morphy Auction.




The Trophy and 3 Tudor cans are the USBC cans.


Atlas Prager - "Got It? .... Get It"



Chicago #2

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