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Colorado #2


The White Mile Hi can - only two grade 1 minus cans were known when the USBC 2 book had their photo shoot. 


After publication, a six pack of these self opening cans were found on a farm in Montana. The lids are buckled indicating ice must have formed inside these still-full cans.


Tivoli Brewing - Denver

  In 1900 John Good gained control of the Sigi's Brewery which he re-named Tivoli after an amusement park in Copenhagen, Denmark. His descendants kept Tivoli operating during Prohibition by brewing Dash, a near beer. After Prohibition Tivoli grew to become the 2nd largest brewery west of the Mississippi. The last of Good's descendants died in 1965. Joseph Occhiatio purchased the brewery and was immediately dealt a severe blow when the Platte river flooded his brewery. A strike at the brewery  the very next year set him back even more and by 1969 the brewery was closed. Tivoli backwards is "I Lov it".


Aspen Gold          Jet

Beckers               Mile Hi (2)

Denver (3)           Silver Peak

Golden Velvet     Tivoli (3)

Heritage              Top Hat

Hi - En Brau (2)

Mile Hi Beer "Brewed in Denver - Wanted Everywhere!"

Walters Brewing - Pueblo

  Martin Walter - the third of five brewing brothers sold a successful Menasha, Wisconsin brewery to his two younger brothers in 1898 and came to Pueblo to start his own operation. He purchased the Pueblo brewery which had changed hands 16 times before his arrival and re-named it Walter's Brewing, Colorado. His original beer was called Mountain Dew which was re-named Gold Label in 1915. The brewery closed during prohibition but was re-opened by his family upon its repeal. By 1963 the Walter family lost control of the company's stock. By 1968 Paul Kalmanovitz of Maier Brewing, Los Angeles was majority owner and operations ceased at the end of 1974.


Berghoff (4)           Hoffman House       Pikes Peak (2)

Black Dallas          Hynne                      Sheridan

Brown Derby         Imperial                   Ski Country

Crystal                   Kol                          Walters (3)            

Fisher (2)               Metz                       Wellington (2)             

Gold Label (4)       Ox Bow                   Winchester (2)   

Colorado #2

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