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Maier #1


Maier Brewing claimed to brew 101 different recipes for their beer. And upon their 102nd attempt, they developed the perfect beer. There are many short-run cans from Maier creating a collectors treasure trove of collectible cans. 

 Paul Kalmanovitz

1926      Arrives in U.S. penniless from Poland

1950       Acquired Maier Brewing

                Maier struggles initially but eventually begins to prosper


1966       Acquired Grace Brothers, Santa Rosa – also brews and cans the GB labels at Maier.

1968       Acquired Walters Brewing, Pueblo Colorado

1969       Closed Grace Brothers, Santa Rosa

1970       Purchases General Brewing from Labatts (Canada) Lucky Lager become Flagship brand

1971       Merges Maier and Lucky Lager and uses General Brewing name

1974       Closes Maier Brewing in Los Angeles

1974       Closes Walters Brewing of Colorado

1975       Purchases Falstaff’s San Francisco plant. Eventually gains control of Falstaff (includes Ballantine, Narragansett and many others)

Maier #1

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