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2016-12 Archive


Collectors can target/steer their collections by State (geographic area), Type (beer, mail, block, etc.), Size (eight, 12, 16 ounce) or even by Brewery. While all the cans from Arizona are from one brewery in Phoenix, likewise all cans from Rhode Island are from the Narragansett Brewery in Cranston,Rhode Island. And yes, I realize according to USBC2 there are two single breweries with even more cans than from those States. The "Number One" single brewery in the USBC2 with the most cans is the Meyer/General Los Angeles Brewery with 167 twelve ounce cans (does not include sixteen ounce cans) shown in the regular and test can sections. This does not include general brewing of (San Francisco) or other locations. Second place belongs to the Hammonton New Jersey (Eastern, Colonial, etc.) Brewery with 117 twelve ounce cans pictured in the USBC2.


Club Special, Dodger, G. Grain

G. Harvest 2, Golden Gate 2

102 Draft, Padre, Regal Bock 2, Zodys

2016-12 Archive

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