Self Opening States Only

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We strive for accuracy but as we find unknown cans and others that we have searched for years, and as more information is obtained the site is constantly under construction. If anyone would like to share information, we would be glad to put it here. This information is free and we intend to share it without personal gain or profit. We are making an attempt  to preserve the rich history of the brewing industry which should be freely accessible for anyone interested.

Hobby: Collecting Self Opening States Only Beer Cans

Object: To have fun, to learn about Beer/ Breweria Collectable, to make acquaintances from all over the USA and in general, to have a really good time.

Golden Rule: Be Honest

Rule #1: There aren’t any rules – collect what you like!

Blondes, Brunettes, Redheads      General Motors, Ford, Chrysler     Cones, Flats, Pulls

Do what works for you.  

Remember: The hobby has many Histories and Mysteries.

No one person knows everything and no one collector has everything they want. Everybody is  still learning 

and everybody’s still searching. Enjoy the hunt. The hobby is a marathon and you can learn something 

from collectors everywhere. Grow friendships and your collection will grow with those friendships.