Self Opening States Only

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Which One? ...   A1!

All cans from the same facility/site in Phoenix.

The two Lancers (Arizona Brewing) are the first two self-opening cans made at this brewery.

In 1964, Carling purchased Arizona Brewing and changed the label to A1 and put the Carling name in the blue. This is the only self-opening can from Carling/Phoenix.

In 1966, National Brewing (Baltimore), purchased the brewery from Carling and removed the Carling name from the can. These (no "Carling" in the blue) cans are rare and I believe this to be the second best can known.

The middle set of 007 cans is from 1968. They have a White Stripe at the top of the can and the wording as the bottom right of the Bond Ladies differs from the other set. This set is rare and they were also filled.

The bottom set of seven 007 cans, was first test marketed in December 1967. While not rare, they are elusive as they are a cross-over collectible between beer can collectors and James Bond movie enthusiasts. They were filled and test marketed in , Phoenix, San Francisco, Knoxville, Jacksonville.

Fast Cars, Hot Women, Cold Drinks

Mystery, Intrigue, Excitement – fits right in with our hobby.

A-1 ... "The Western Way to say Welcome"

The 007 cans never seem to fall out of favor. Each time a new Bond movie is released, collectors in Europe and America discover these cans and want to collect them. Thus prices remain high.